Dr S L – Chartered Psychologist

I have knowledge and experience of conducting clinical research and compiling expert witness reports of children and adults with a range of learning difficulties to include dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s syndrome. I have expertise in the assessment of a wide range of mental health difficulties and recommending therapeutic interventions for their treatment.

Academic Qualifications

PhD-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in South Asians, Manchester University Metropolitan (2006)

MA Heritage Studies and Cultural Studies-Pass , Salford University (1997)

MSc Psychology- Manchester University Metropolitan (1996)

Certificates in Occupational Testing, Level A- Ability Testing and Level B-Personality Testing, Manchester University Metropolitan (1995)

BSc (Hons) Psychology, Bolton University, (1994)

Professional Memberships

The British Psychological Society

Independent Work

In terms of my clinical practice, I have worked with children, adolescents and adults and families with a whole range of conditions and issues. I have a number of publications in peer reviewed journals and I currently act as a peer reviewer for two academic journals concerning ethnicity, race and health issues. I am an editorial board member for ‘Ethnicity and Race in a Changing World.’ I have also supervised post-graduate MA Social Work dissertations for students undertaking research in the area of Forced Marriages and Honour Killings. I have a specialist interest in this field and in race and ethnicity issues generally.

Experience as an Expert Witness:

I have experience as an Expert Witness of undertaking assessments and compiling reports for:

-Criminal Court

-Civil Court

-Family Court

-Immigration Service

Expert Witness and Related training

-Introduction to Expert Witness Skills- BPS

-Report Writing Skills- BPS and Bond Solon

-Providing Evidence in Court and Cross Examination- Forensic Psychology Practice (FPP)

-Courtroom Skills Training – Bond Solon

-Cross Examination – Bond Solon

-PTSD and Trauma  – Centre for Stress and stress Management

-BPS Diploma in Forensic Psychology (Stage 1, June 2011) to register within the Division of Forensic Psychology

I have been instructed to undertake expert witness reports where personality, IQ, suggestibility, compliance, domestic violence, substance and drug abuse, competency to stand trial and risk assessment were requested in assessment of the client (criminal and civil cases); assessments of parents for contact and parenting skills (family), PTSD and trauma in RTA and assault victims (civil) and assessment of removal of an individual from the UK, impact of removal on family life for the returnee in asylum seekers and refugees assessments  (immigration). I am competent to assess and give my opinion on psycho-social factors (personality, intelligence, compliance, suggestibility, parent-child attachment, family-related issues; stress and anxiety, PTSD, depression, aggression, sexual recidivism and risk of re-offending and self-harm).

I have experience in undertaking assessments for neuropsychological functioning to include assessment of all cognitive functioning; attention, memory, visuospatial skills, language and executive functioning. The neuropsychological tests I have experience of using for such an assessment includes WTAR, WAIS-III, WASI, WMSIII, Rey Copy, Verbal fluency,  NART, Hayling & Brixton and BADS. In addition, In addition I have experience of using a test of effort or malingering such as TOMMS, VIP and SIRS.

I have specialised in the assessment of defendants from minority ethnic groups for the Immigration Service, solicitors and courts and have undertaken assessments in South Asian languages (Punjabi and Urdu). I am able to undertake an assessment and complete a report within an average of 4 weeks from initial instruction being received, at other times sooner.



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