Mrs C C – Counselling Psychologist

I accept clients who have been victims of Road traffic accidents and treat them for Post Traumatic Stress disorder, and other psychological symptoms that have been triggered off the by trauma.  I also see clients with a wide range of psychological symptoms and mental health disorders including, depression, panic attacks, phobias, childhood trauma including sexual, physical and mental and emotional abuse, OCD, low self esteem, Bipolar depression and dual diagnosis clients

Academic Qualifications

Thurrock Technical College, Intermediate counselling course (Certificate) (1988)

Thurrock Technical College, Basic Counselling Course (certificate) (1993)

University of East London, BA honours in Psycho-Social studies.  (1996)

London Guildhall University, Postgraduate conversion Diploma in Psychology (1998)

University of East London, MSc in Counselling Psychology (2000)

Professional Memberships

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

The British Psychological Society.

Independent Work

Alongside my work within the NHS, I have practiced privately as a CBT counsellor/therapist.  My caseloads have included working with individuals who have suffered with various emotional and mental health problems; women who have been abused as children or have been victims of domestic violence;  individuals  who have had eating disorders, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive behaviour; and women with low self esteem and self worth.  However, I have also counselled men with various problems such as depression, relationship problems and work pressure.  I have worked extensively with vulnerable young people who have had drug and alcohol and emotional problems, and also individuals from the age of 18 years to 36 years who have been made homeless.    I have also been a voluntary counsellor, counselling individuals who have been debilitated by loss and bereavement.

Other Work

From October 2000 until 2005 I worked as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist an NHS Trust.  My colleague, who was a senior Psychologist and the Head of department left the services unexpectedly and I was left to manage the everyday running of the department.  Duties included supervising the administrative staff, dealing with crisis’s and waiting lists, screening,  and prioritising new referrals, assessment and intervention work using a Cognitive Behavioural therapy framework and formulation and Psychodynamic assessment, managing and supervising trainee Counselling Psychologists and counsellors which had been contracted by the Trust to help cut the waiting list.  My own clinical work was working with a range of psychological difficulties that included mild to severe and enduring mental health problems. Individual work with patients included CBT for depression, anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder and Psychodynamic therapy and Psychological intervention for childhood trauma and abuse.   Although this was unexpected I learnt new skills that have enabled me to develop my personal and professional status.

I worked for a period of time as Head of Counselling Psychology Department in a women’s prison.  I managed 3 training Counselling Psychologists and 3 fully qualified Counsellors.  I also had my own caseload of clients and saw clients for 3 sessions of Crisis Counselling when the client has self harmed and/or attempted suicide.  My clinical work had been working with a range of psychological difficulties ranging from depression, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, child abuse and neglect to self harm and suicide attempts and more severe and enduring mental health problems.  Duties include: assessment and intervention work using a cognitive behavioural therapy framework and formulation.  Working with a range of multidisciplinary professionals by way of providing a holistic treatment for clients.    The majority of the women have been abused as children and are suffering from Post traumatic Stress Disorder, disassociative disorder, Borderline Personality disorder as well as depression, eating disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, bereavement and loss.  Most of these women have suffered intolerable cruelty in childhood and adolescent and have committed Forensic offences.  However, I enjoyed working with Forensic Psychopathology and I have found the women to be committed to the therapeutic relationship and me, their Counselling Psychologist.  However, this post was drawn to a close at the end of 2005 because the Psychology service was close due to the female prisons being relocated and male prisoners were brought in.

Since retiring I went to work within a Forensic setting to work with dual diagnosis clients who have a severe and ending mental health problem and a drug/alcohol misuse problem. This is in a Forensic hospital setting where the patients have committed a serious index offence when unwell with mental health problems such as Paranoid Schizophrenia or Personality disorders such as Sociopath Personality disorder or Borderline Personality disorder.   I can design a Reduction regime and Harm minimisation programme for the client.  I also work with other professionals involved with the client.  For example, Social Services and Probation. I also spent a period of time in the Forensic Psychology Service providing Psychological intervention to these patients

During my time in the NHS, I have attended a range of seminars, conferences and training events.  I have attended a number of workshops and presentations of the links between smoking Cannabis and the risk factors of developing Psychosis.  I have also attended a number of one day workshops of Cognitive Behavioural therapy.  I have recently attended a two day workshop on Dual Diagnosis. I have also undergone additional training on the PTSD model and Imagery therapy that is a successful and appropriate psychological therapy for people who have developed PTSD.

Currently I have returned to work for two days a week within the NHS setting as a High Intensity worker, providing CBT in GP surgeries to patients with mental health symptoms and offering supervision to trainee Counselling Psychologists.

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