Ms J S – Educational Psychologist

I personally believe I have strengths in assessment and report writing which has been recognized by a senior colleague who describes my written work as ‘extremely thorough, detailed, well written for the audience it is intended and always of the highest professional and ethical standards.’ I offer high quality assessment and evidence based interventions linked to theory.

I have a raft of experience in implementing systemic interventions within primary and secondary schools, such as Growth Mindset and Mental Health Initiatives, in addition to running a variety of groups for primary and secondary aged pupils. Recently I have delivered training to the secondary school staff in ASD and Growth Mindset. I consistently receive feedback from stakeholders. In the past schools have approached the management and requested that I continue in post as the link to their school. More recently, I have had the opportunity to lead on an ASD initiative. I chaired a working group, lead a sub-group and maintained an overview of another three. The overall outcome is to develop a comprehensive assessment tool and target resource to support individuals with ASD and identify appropriate supports within a developmental framework.
In addition to continuing the development of my core skills within this current post I have a responsibility for leading a therapy team. I have an on-going commitment to my on-going professional in therapeutic models as well as to the development of others. I am formally trained and competent in a number of therapeutic approaches recommended in the Matrix Evidence tables.


Job History

Sense Scotland | Support Worker
To support adults and children with severe and complex needs within the community.

National Autistic Society- Pupil Behavioural Support Worker/Assistant Psychologist
In my role as an assistant psychologist working with developmental disorders and severe challenging behavior I gained valuable experience and a number of different core skills relevant to clinical work. I am skilled in; establishing a positive and effective alliance with service users and staff, designing and delivering comprehensive behavior plans, chairing reflective consultation meetings with education and care staff, applying systematic observation and measurement of behavior across settings, auditing behavior information case by case, devising bespoke assessment strategies and using psychometric assessments.

XXXXXX Educational Psychology Service- Educational Psychologist
After graduating with a Distinction in my professional competency skills I successfully gained employment and began to further develop my core skills in assessment/intervention (including therapy), advice and consultation, training and research.

2010- Current
XXXXX Educational Psychology Service- Educational Psychologist


Glasgow Caledonian University
1998-2003| BSc Hons Psychology 2:1

Strathclyde University
2005-2007 MSc Educational Psychology

University of Chester
2016-2019 (expected) MSc Psychological Theory in Psychological Trauma
2016-2018 (expected) Post Graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Practice in Psychological Trauma

Core Skills

• Ability to choose, use and interpret a broad range of assessment methods appropriate: to the client and service delivery in which the assessment takes place and to the type of intervention which is likely to be required
• Competence in assessment procedures that include; performance based psychometric measures (i.e. intellectual ability, cognitive differences), self and other informant reported psychometrics, systemic interviewing procedures, other structured methods of assessment (e.g. observation)
• Extensive knowledge and expertise in learning differences
• Extensive experience of building capacity in others who have a role in terms of assessment and support
• Understanding of key elements of psychometric theory which have relevance to psychological assessment and using this knowledge to aid assessment practices and interpretations
• Extensive experience in assessment learning differences in individuals with other difficulties such as neurodevelopmental disorders


Specialist Training
• Narrative Therapy, Level 1, 2 and 3 (continuing level 3-equivalent to Post Graduate Diploma)
• Eye Movement Desensitiation and Reprocessing Level 1 (June 2010), 2 (March, 2011) and 3 (November, 2014), and Level 1 (April, 2016) (Child and Adolescent)
• Hypnotherapy Certificate Level (September 2013)
• ADOS-2- Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic training planned for May 2017


Professionals Bodies
Member of Health and Care Professional Council and British Psychological Society
Registered Psychologist and Educational and Child Psychologist

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