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Choosing the right Expert

Choosing the right Expert for your client's assessment or treatment can be a very difficult business.  When looking for an Expert Psychologist is it important to ensure that they are suitable qualified to undertake the task in question.  Examples of criteria for validating the competence of a Psychology Expert may include: - Relevant graduate and post-graduate...

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How to write a good Expert Witness CV

At a time when regular work flow is crucial, it is becoming more and more important to communicate your skill set effectively in order to give yourself the best possible chance of securing regular referrals from agencies, solicitors, case management companies and corporations. We often get asked; ‘How do I write my Expert Witness CV’ or...

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How to write a letter of instruction for an Expert Witness

We see dozens of letters of instruction to experts every week and know only too well that a well written, clear letter can make a huge difference to the time, cost and quality of a report that the solicitor receives from an expert witness. Whilst solicitors are experts in the law, it can sometimes be difficult...

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Summary of recent changes to Expert Witness fees.

As you may now be aware significant changes in the Legal Aid system came in to effect on the 3rd October 2011. Whilst the majority of the Consultation is in relation to Lawyer’s fees, the Commission have addressed cost control of experts, aiming to increase transparency and consistency but, above all, to control the ‘unsustainable’...

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Stress awareness day

One of our Psychologists - Dr Cheryl Rezek was recently featured in a television programme about Stress, as part of Stress Awareness Day.  

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