Occupational Psychology Assessment

We work with a wide range of organisations including small to medium businesses, public sector bodies, not for profit organisations and multi-national corporations. We are regularly referred employees who require or request an Occupational Psychology Assessment in relation to questions raised by an employer and our specialist Occupational Psychologists are able to conduct a wide range of assessments, including but not limited to:

  • Psychological Assessment to identify specific learning difficulties including Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
  • Occupational Psychology Assessment looking at general adult learning difficulties
  • Psychological Assessment covering Aspergers, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Psychological Assessment in relation to Behavioural and Emotional difficulties
  • Psychological Assessment of Personality traits
  • Occupational Psychology advice and support on workplace development and reasonable adjustments

Following the Occupational Psychology Assessment, we will provide a comprehensive Occupational Psychology report from the psychologist which will detail the assessment process undertaken, the opinions of the assessing professional and recommendations for support, if applicable.  We recognise the importance of concise, easy to follow, goal orientated reports and these are usually delivered to you within 2 weeks of assessment, unless otherwise agreed.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation including a breakdown of costs, confirmed timescales and Occupational Psychologist’s CVs.

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