What is a Rehabilitation Case Manager?

We undertake a large number of assessments and therapeutic interventions for clients who require Psychological support following a trauma such as a Road Traffic Accident (RTA).  Many of these referrals come from one of the many Case Management companies with whom we work on a regular basis.

We have often been asked by our Associate Psychologists to explain what a case manager is and what their role is, so below is a guide that we hope you will find helpful.

A case manager is a person who is professionally qualified to provide care services. Case managers come from a range of backgrounds including:

• social care
• occupational therapy
• nursing
• psychology
• speech & language therapy
• physiotherapy

Case management is a service that:

• provides you with detailed assessments of your needs and risks to your safety
• gives you strategies for minimising the effects of your injury
• offers you and your family a single point of contact and co-ordination for all your needs
• gives you the day-to-day support you need in all aspects of daily living
• supports and encourages you to achieve your personal goals
• helps you to explore possibilities, options and ideas into the future
• Are effectively the ‘nucleus’ of the clients rehabilitation

Case Manager Assessments cover the whole range of injury level including triage, telephone and face to face assessments resulting in reports that outline clearly the injured party’s needs and associated rehabilitation and support costs.

An injured person may require a range of medical and non-medical treatment such as physiotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy, speech therapy and so forth to aid their progress.
The case managers are ‘instructed’ by a solicitor who normally represents the Claimant (e.g. the person in the accident).

Immediate needs assessment details:

• The extent of a person’s disabilities, including physical, cognitive and psychological factors
• Outlines short term interventions needed to rehabilitate the person as quickly as possible
• Outlines the individual goals and objectives that the client and case manager are working towards

Following preparation of a comprehensive initial report our case managers’ responsibilities are extensive and include:

• Delivery of an individual, personalised and highly professional case management service across a broad spectrum of disabilities.
• Liaison assistance with experts, local statutory agencies and private services regarding the care and rehabilitation needs of a client
• Consideration of options for care provision including agency provision vs private recruitment
• Research, selection, appointment, training and induction of care staff on behalf of the client and their family in the case of private recruitment and assistance to ensure quality of service via agency provision where applicable
• Assistance with the purchase of specialist equipment
• All the support needed for, payment of wages and maintenance of the care team if required
• Assistance with the organisation of any required housing adaptations or where necessary the location and securing of alternative accommodation.

Co-ordination of services
Case managers offer a client vital assistance establishing, stabilising and maintaining supportive links and networks.

These links can be with a range of people and services, from solicitors to local voluntary groups and may include the following:

• Research into and liaison with local community resources to enable the client to join in local social and leisure activities.
• Liaison with independent specialist therapists to continue client rehabilitation at home or promotion of an enabling approach by care staff.
• Liaison with specialist spinal injury and brain injury units.
• Research into and liaison with relevant companies, regarding equipment purchase and maintenance contracts.
• Liaison with specialist experts involved in the legal claim, regarding the exact level of care, equipment and housing needs.
• Co-ordination of specialist service provision within the home.

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