With these extremely difficult, unprecedented times which are set to be with us for some time, we at Psychology Direct have ways to use safe and secure platforms to enable assessments of all types to take place remotely. If you would like to talk to any of our team about how we can support, please call us on 01306 879975. From all at Psychology Direct please stay safe and well.

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AboutMeet the Team

  • Aaron Banham

    Aaron Banham

    Co-Founder, Managing Director

    My philosophy is work hard, play hard and cram as much into your life as you can. I have travelled all over the world, met plenty of interesting people, done lots of exciting and scary things, eaten some weird food but most of all had a lot of fun!

    • I love: My family, rugby and cake
    • I hate: Sitting still
    • Favourite joke: What did the squeaky cheese say when it looked in the mirror? “Hello Me”
    • Interesting fact: Banham was not my original name….
  • Denise Leander

    Operations Manager

    The mission is simply… to enjoy life as much as possible because you never know what’s around the corner.

    • I love: Eating out, travelling, drinking wine and the theatre
    • Interesting fact: As a licensed Zumba instructor you will usually find me on a Monday evening helping ladies to have fun and develop their confidence to great music from around the world.
  • Rachel Marshall

    Team Manager, Expert Witness

    Hi I’m Rachel! I started working at Psychology Direct in June 2019. I am a bit of a sports enthusiast and play for Wandsworth Borough Football Club. I love coffee, listening to music and am a huge Harry Potter fan!

  • Dan Kingston

    Dan Kingston

    Client Manager, Expert Witness

    I am a keen sports fan and I follow football, motorsports and ultimate frisbee. When I’m not throwing a disc or kicking a ball around you may find me lifting weights. Alas, much of this good work at the gym is undone by my frequent visits to my local Chinese restaurant.

    • Likes: Baby pangolins
    • Dislikes: Herds of cows
  • Nicole Smith

    Client Manager, Expert Witness

    Hi! I am a bit of a country bumpkin and you can often find me exploring with my dog. I am a big foody and a chocoholic.

  • Emily Creaven

    Client Manager, Expert Witness

    Hi When I’m not in the office you will more than likely find me in bed watching Netflix. I enjoy everything hair and makeup related and wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a lip gloss!

  • Keiley Dutton

    Client Manager, Expert Witness

    “Hey, I’m Keiley. I believe there is always a silver lining. Nothing is Impossible! The word itself says ‘IM POSSIBLE’
    – I love: Food Food Food!
    – I hate: Coffee
    – interesting fact: I am 5 foot 1 … and a half.

  • Peter Thorp

    Head of Education

    I head up the Education Department at Psychology Direct, having joined the company in 2017 after 25 years in the media, working at the Sunday Observer, Trinity Mirror and setting up and publishing ‘Jobsearch UK‘, the biggest selling national jobs newspaper of the 90s.

    • I love: Walking my black Labrador, Mr Bumble, writing and presenting quizzes, reading, Liverpool FC and chopping wood!
    • Interesting fact: I once conducted a false wedding ceremony…
  • Jess Ramsey

    Team Leader, Education

    Hi, I’m Jess and I’m the Team Leader for the Education department. Away from Psychology Direct you will find me doing anything food related, pretending I’m a wine connoisseur or walking my puppy Larry.

  • Grainne Ashton

    Education Co-ordinator

    Hi, I’m Grainne. I’m a complete book lover and dream of owning a house with a library. Things that make me happy: my dog, my family, dancing with abandon and walking by the sea. I admit to being a chocoholic and having an unfair prejudice against peas.

  • Sandhya Kamath

    Education Co-ordinator

    I have a passion for cooking and in my spare time I like to experiment with new flavours and invite friends over to taste my food.

    I like caring for people and will always try my best to make people smile. I work closely with UK based charity organisations to bring communities together through organising cultural and educational activities.

  • Razia Sultana

    Education Coordinator

    If you ever get to see the cookies on my internet browser you’ll probably find holiday deals from all over the world- those are the cookies I am proud of and the ones you can find in my ‘homemade’ jar!

    I am originally from Greater Manchester so if you ever get a chance to speak to me, please don’t mind my lovely accent!

  • Katie Billson

    Education Coordinator

    Hey, I’m Katie! I love all things quirky and creative, and I spend a lot of my time reading books on philosophy, theology, and social politics! I love animals, and have started my “small” collection of 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a snake thus far, and I also have a Criminology Forensic Psychology diploma.

    Fun Fact – I collect crochet bees!!

  • Natalie Thompson

    Education Coordinator

    Hi, I’m Nat and I’m new to the team.  When I’m not working you will find me spending time with my family and watching interesting documentaries.
    I have a huge passion for helping people and I enjoy making others happy.

    Odd Fact about me – I am obsessed with GIFs

  • Georghia Binstead

    Education Support

    Hi, I’m Georghia and I’m the Educational Support for the Team.

    In my own time I am an avid climber and partial to a good board game.

    If there is food around it won’t be there for long!

  • Mark Rutterford

    Office Administrator

    Hello, I enjoy films and moderate amounts of electrically assisted cycling ….. and I have no intention of challenging for the Lasagne King title.

  • Catherine George

    Catherine George

    Financial Controller

    I have been with Psychology Direct for over 5 years, managing the accounts and ensuring everyone gets paid on time and that customers pay us.

    • I love: walking and the gym; attending art exhibitions and travelling.
  • David Gibbs

    Credit Controller

    I am new to the team, and outside of work I am busy with conservation work locally, charity work, and getting fitter (as opposed to actually getting fit). I am a blues music fan, and a burgeoning wine enthusiast.

  • Buzz

    Head of Well-being

    I love my colleagues, especially at lunch time!

    My philosophy is eat food, chase birds and planes, bark madly, sleep, repeat.

    • I love: Surfing the bins at the office for tasty snacks.
    • I hate: People in high visibility jackets & wheelie bins.
    • Interesting fact: I come to work for a rest.

    Favourite joke
    Q: What do you get when you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle, and a rooster?
    A: A cockerpoodledoo!


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