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  • Aaron Banham

    Aaron Banham

    Managing Director

    My philosophy is work hard, play hard and cram as much into your life as you can. I have travelled all over the world, met plenty of interesting people, done lots of exciting and scary things, eaten some weird food but most of all had a lot of fun!

    • I love: My family, rugby and cake
    • I hate: Sitting still
    • Favourite joke: What did the squeaky cheese say when it looked in the mirror? “Hello Me”
    • Interesting fact: Banham was not my original name….
  • Denise Leander

    Operations Manager

    The mission is simply… to enjoy life as much as possible because you never know what’s around the corner.

    • I love: Eating out, travelling, drinking wine and the theatre
    • Interesting fact: As a licensed Zumba instructor you will usually find me on a Monday evening helping ladies to have fun and develop their confidence to great music from around the world.
  • Rachel Marshall

    Team Manager, Expert Witness

    Hi, I’m Rachel and I am the Team Manager of the Expert Witness Department. I’ve been a part of the Psychology Direct family since 2019.

    •  I love: Magic! Penguins, the theatre and sunny days out by the sea or in the city!
    • I dislike: Puppets, in particular the muppets, they scare me (especially The Count).
    • An interesting fact about me: I used to work at Butlin’s and I loved being a bingo caller!
  • Emily Creaven

    Client Manager, Expert Witness

    Hey, I’m Emily and I am a Client Manager within the Expert Witness department.

    • I love anything food related and spend most of my weekends trying new restaurants.
    • I dislike Pigeons and Cotton wool. Even thinking of cotton wool makes me curl up inside!!
    • An interesting fact about me is I always have at least 3 lip-glosses’ in my handbag.
  • Sinead McCaffrey

    Client Manager, Expert Witness

    My name is Sinead and I’m a Client Manager in Expert Witness team.

    I love cooking, trying out new recipes and spending time with my family.
    I dislike Heights! In fact dislike is probably an understatement.

    Interesting fact: I am a fully qualified nail technician and have not had to pay to get my acrylics or pedicures done for over 7 years now as I can do them myself.

  • Chloe Beaumont

    Client Manager, Expert Witness

    My Name is Chloe and I’m a Client Manager, In Expert Witness department

    • I love travelling around the world and learning about different cultures and foods.
    • I don’t like anchovies.
    • Interesting fact: I took part as a finalist in Australian supermodel 2020.
  • Lauren Blackett

    Client Manager, Expert Witness

    My name is Lauren and I’m a Client Manager in Expert Witness team

    •  I love interior Design shows and decorating.
    • I dislike cold rainy weather with a passion.
    •  Interesting fact: When I was 15 I was chosen to do a summer Art Course at the TATE Art Museum and had my work displayed at an exhibition in London at the end of the course.
  • Peter Thorp

    Head of Education

    Hi, my name is Peter and I am now into my 7th year in the role of Head of Education here at Psychology Direct.

    I love in my spare time, I like nothing more than taking my black Labrador Ted for a long walk in the countryside followed by suitable refreshment in various hostelries in Surrey!

    I am immensely proud of the development and success of the Education department over the last few years which is down to the fabulous and dedicated team I have and the ongoing support of all senior stakeholders at PD.

  • Katie Billson

    Team Leader, Education

    Hi, I’m Katie and I’m the Team Leader for the Education Department!

    I love all things quirky and creative, and I spend a lot of my time reading books on philosophy, theology, and social politics. I love animals, and have started my “small” collection of 2 cats, 2 geckos and 3 snakes thus far!

    Interesting fact: I won a competition in 2010 and had a short story published!

  • Grainne Ashton

    Education Co-ordinator

    Hi, I’m Grainne. I’m a complete book lover and dream of owning a house with a library. Things that make me happy: my dog, my family, dancing with abandon and walking by the sea. I admit to being a chocoholic and having an unfair prejudice against peas.

  • Sandhya Kamath

    Education Co-ordinator

    My name is Sandhya and I have been working with PD for 4 years.

    I have a passion for cooking and in my spare time, I like to experiment with new flavours and invite friends over to taste my food.

    I like caring for people and will always try my best to make people smile. I work closely with UK based charity organisations to bring communities together through organising cultural and educational activities.

  • Razia Sultana

    Education Coordinator

    Hello! Razia here! 🙂 I am an Education Coordinator at Psychology Direct.

    I have an obsession for all things home and interior, you would most likely find me at a home store on the weekend or starting a new DIY project! I love travelling and experiencing culture, but hate the airport and aeroplanes!

    Interesting fact: I was a beauty influencer during my teens!

  • Freda Amoako

    Education Coordinator

    My name is Freda and I love traveling and meeting new people.

    • I love: Cooking for friends and inviting them over to my house.
    • I dislike/don’t like: Potatoes, can’t eat them at all.
    • Interesting fact: Used to sing in my local church as a worship leader.
  • Laura Mitchell

    Education Coordinator

    My name is Laura and I am an Education Coordinator at PD.

    I love to spend time outdoors, looking after my animals and gardening. I became a Shepherdess in my spare time a few years ago when I took on some pet sheep to add to my collection of horses, chickens, cats and rabbits.

    An interesting fact about me is that I can only watch a film once. I never watch something twice as I already know what happens…I have also never watched or read Harry Potter.

  • Bianca Lucan

    Education Coordinator

    My name is Bianca and there is no movie on Netflix that I don’t know about

    • I love: Reading, exploring nature and spending time with my family (especially my mischievous cat).
    • I dislike/don’t like: Being late, especially if food is involved.
    • Interesting fact: Climbing mountains and swimming at midnight are my favorite vacation activities
  • Gradys Nyka

    Education Co-ordinator

    Hello! My name is Gradys and I have been working with PD for a few months now, and I am enjoying being part of a dedicated team!

    I love travelling and exploring new cuisines but my favourite food is burgers.

  • Mark Rutterford

    Office Administrator

    Hello, I enjoy films and moderate amounts of electrically assisted cycling ….. and I have no intention of challenging for the Lasagne King title.

  • Jason Norman

    Financial Controller

    I joined the team in 2022, managing the accounts.

    I’m a fitness fanatic and I love the outdoors and travelling.

  • David Gibbs

    Credit Controller

    I am new to the team, and outside of work I am busy with conservation work locally, charity work, and getting fitter (as opposed to actually getting fit). I am a blues music fan, and a burgeoning wine enthusiast.

  • Buzz

    Head of Well-being

    I love my colleagues, especially at lunch time!

    My philosophy is eat food, chase birds and planes, bark madly, sleep, repeat.

    • I love: Surfing the bins at the office for tasty snacks.
    • I hate: People in high visibility jackets & wheelie bins.
    • Interesting fact: I come to work for a rest.

    Favourite joke

    Q: What do you get when you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle, and a rooster?

    A: A cockerpoodledoo!

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