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Putting the child first

Our services are available to schools & Local Authorities only, we are unable to accept private referrals from families directly.

As a Headteacher, teacher or SENCO, you put the young person first. Parents and carers put their child first.

As the UK’s leading Independent Educational Psychology service provider, we always put the young person first and ensure that their voice is heard.

If you’ve decided a child needs an assessment by an Educational Psychologist, it’s likely to be because you are concerned they may be struggling in some aspect of education, school or home life. It might be related to their approach and ability to learn, interaction with their peers, communication, behaviour or something else. Whatever the issue, it is considered to be a sufficient enough barrier to their educational development for you to feel an assessment and potential intervention is needed.

We understand that what you need is a qualified, experienced, local Educational Psychologist to step in, listen, assess and offer support by providing an objective, professional, clear and useful analysis of the issues. You’ll need practical recommendations on the best way forward for the child and all other parties involved, and ideally, you need this now.

But in many areas, you may not have access to the frequency, speed and type of support that you need from your Local Authority.

At Psychology Direct we know what you need. And we have a total commitment to providing it.

Expert assessment and high-quality reports

As the largest network of qualified Educational Psychologists in the UK, we’ll be able to supply an EP within days. You’ll experience a slick process where our user-friendly referral form gathers preliminary information for the EP, so they’ll arrive fully briefed and ready to start listening, assessing and working on practical recommendations, without taking valuable time out of the process getting up to speed. Their report will be with you within two weeks of the assessment. It will be practical, clear, useful and assist you in putting the resources and future strategies in place you need to improve the child’s well-being and support their educational development, without delay.

Our Educational Psychologists are high calibre professionals. You will feel confident you’re receiving expert assessment by an EP able to listen objectively to all parties and who welcomes working in partnership with other professionals involved with the child. They will build a strong and productive relationship with you, providing as much support as you need, explaining and communicating their findings to you and parents or carers.

Support that goes further

Training for teachers and SENCOs. Mediation and parent meetings. Collaboration with you on long term strategy and educational planning for a child. Working directly with individual or groups of children with specific learning difficulties. When our EP presents their report, their support doesn’t have to end there. We offer the flexibility that means you can remain supported to the depth and duration you need.

Neither you, nor the EP, will need to worry about booking meetings or other administration. Our proactive, efficient client team will do all of that. You and the EP can just get on with what’s needed; supporting the child and improving their educational experience and outcomes.

Our assessments and SEN support services include:
  • Educational Assessments and reports including specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia
  • Educational Psychology assessment of autistic spectrum disorders
  • Educational Psychology assistance with the Education, Health & Care (EHC) plan process
  • Exam Access Arrangements
  • Educational Psychology consultations and support with parents
  • Educational Psychology training and information for staff
  • Psychological Assessments of children and adolescents with developmental, behavioural and emotional difficulties
  • Psychological Assessments of children and adolescents with attachment difficulties
  • Behavioural intervention and training
  • Facilitation of difficult meetings between staff and parents
  • Staff development and training including managing difficult behaviour, raising attainment and individual education plans

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Why Psychology Direct gets top marks

  • CVs and quotations of qualified EPs provided within 48 hours of enquiry
  • All EPs are HCPC registered, have enhanced DBS certificate and are on the DBS update service
  • Largest register of qualified, experienced EPs available in the UK and able to supply the right professional quickly – within a few days
  • Competitive rates, efficient service and added benefits that will see you get excellent value for money
  • No contract or commitment, use our service flexibly as and when you need it, one off or longer term work all possible
  • Reports supplied to a high quality and with practical, useful recommendations within two weeks of the assessment
  • Referral form gathers initial information up-front, so your EP arrives fully briefed, ready to start assessing and helping
  • EPs experienced in working in partnership with other professionals
  • EPs will take the time needed to explain and discuss recommendations
  • EPs will incorporate a variety of methods in their assessment including interviews with the child and parents/carers, interviews with SENCO/teachers, written and verbal psychometric tests and classroom observations
  • Further support including training, mediation and support with long term planning is available
  • Wide network of qualified Psychologists available with experience in all specialisms across Psychology and Educational Psychology
  • All Psychologists are HCPC registered, have the enhanced DBS certificate and are on the DBS update service
  • Competitive rates
  • High-quality reports and recommendations produced quickly
  • Further ongoing expert Psychological support available as required
  • Client team dedicated to an empathetic, friendly, efficient and professional service
  • All administration handled by us
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Need a Psychiatrist?

Did you know that we also offer Psychiatric services?

Our fully vetted Psychiatrists are qualified and Section 12 approved to provide detailed, medically-based analysis and assessment of a person’s state of mind or mental health.

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Your questions answered

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist self-referred, private individuals but if you visit the following websites you can find directories of independent psychologists across the UK:

Yes, absolutely. All our Educational Psychologists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council, have been through enhanced DBS checks, have experience in schools and LAs, undertake CPD and have professional indemnity insurance.

At Psychology Direct we have the largest UK-wide network of qualified Psychologists, so we are well placed to quickly secure and provide an EP, despite the challenges presented by the national shortage.

As soon as our Client Management team receive your enquiry, we’ll get on the case and supply CVs and quotes to you within 24 hours. Depending upon EP availability, normally we can arrange an appointment within two to three weeks, but often sooner.

Quality is paramount in everything that we do and the quality of reports is overseen by our Client Managers.

Not only will we ensure reports are delivered to the timescales needed, but all reports will be 100% proofread and quality checked. We’ll ensure all questions are answered, the report fulfils the purpose needed and that recommendations are comprehensive and offer practical, useful and clear guidance to parents, families and all education professionals involved in the case.

All our EPs are registered with The Health & Care Professions Council and therefore your Local Authority should have no reason to refuse our EPs’ reports as part of their EHC needs assessment.  However, we would encourage you to have that conversation with them in advance.