Case study

An EP report before the end of term

When a Primary School needed a report for an EHCP turned around within days, we delivered.


With the end of term looming, the SENCO at the Primary School had a challenge on her hands; to get a report for an EHCP over to the LA in time for the final panel meeting of the academic year, so that the process wasn’t held up for the child and family due to the lengthy summer holidays.

With EPs in short supply, and many booked up or away on holiday, the SENCO contacted us for help.


Taking the call, our Client Manager Ana quickly got to grips with the details of case, the EP skills needed, and the timescales involved. The pressure was on, with the call coming in on a Friday, and the assessment and report needing to be turned around in less than one week.

Getting onto our network of qualified Educational Psychologists, Ana targeted EPs with the right experience in the geographical location, working relentlessly until one was secured who could meet the deadline. Throughout the process Ana kept the SENCo informed and updated. She also fully briefed the EP on the case on the school’s behalf, so that the right assessment materials could be prepared, and valuable time saved.


The call came in on Friday. The assessment took place on Tuesday. The report was submitted on Thursday – in time for the final panel meeting. Through the fast actions and proactivity of our Client Manager, and thanks to our extensive network of high quality EPs, we were able to deliver on a demanding timeframe and help the SENCO help her client – the child and family who needed assessment and support.


The client was both surprised and delighted that we were able to deliver on such a challenging brief. We truly exceeded their expectations.