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Professional Bodies for Educational Psychologists

For an Educational Psychologist to work with Psychology Direct, they must be registered with the regulator for their profession, which is the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council). Educational Psychologists may additionally be registered with the BPS (British Psychological Society) and/or the AEP (Association of Educational Psychologists).

At Psychology Direct we have at our heart a commitment to quality and to providing an efficient service to our clients. Ensuring all our EPs are registered with a professional organisation not only ensures they have access to the CPD and resources these organisations have to offer, but saves our clients time vetting EPs, gives peace of mind that all checks have been done, and that the EPs we supply are professionals dedicated to their discipline and Best Practice.

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Educational Psychologists in schools

Educational Psychologists (EPs) work with schools in a variety of ways, either through Local Authority Educational Psychology Services, or via independent providers such as Psychology Direct.  EPs work across multiple educational settings including mainstream schools as well as specialist sectors.  An EP may consult many people involved in a child’s life such as teachers, parents, carers and other professionals to gain a comprehensive insight into the child’s needs.

An Educational Psychologist working with children and young people looks at how life experience within the context of their school and home environment interact with each other.  They will often look at different aspects of a child or young person’s life including the teaching they receive, their individual learning styles, abilities and goals, behaviour and development.

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What does an Educational Psychology report include

Educational Psychology reports can be commissioned for a variety of reasons or issues, so the type and content of a report can vary quite significantly.

Some reports may be at the early stages of a child or young person’s development and the aim of such a report may be primarily to assist the school and/or parents with strategies as to how to best support that child.  Educational Psychology reports can also be commissioned as part of a more formal process, such as an application for Education, Health and Care plan application.

This article provides some information as to some of the areas that may be covered, but is neither exclusive nor exhaustive.

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Examination Access Arrangements

As schools look towards exams, we have devised some tips to help tips from two of Psychology Direct’s associate Educational Psychologists (EPs), Mrs Joanne Bartholomew and Dr Joanne Davies, as a guide to exam access arrangements for SENCos.

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