Dedicated to serving and supplying professionals

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At Psychology Direct,

We are all about people

Ever since the company started in 2008 we’ve always been about ensuring people receive the best representation, whether that be a for a court hearing or a young person with special needs in a school.

We’re also about championing the profession of psychology and valuing the individuals working within it. These principles have made a considerable impact on the provision of, and access to Psychologists for organisations needing specialist assessments, and reports quickly and cost effectively.

At Psychology Direct our aim is to deliver vital Mental Health services when and where they were needed, with professionalism, efficiency, support and humanity at the heart of the process. By making quality and service the key priorities and developing strong relationships, Psychology Direct has grown very quickly, largely through repeat business and word of mouth referrals. Clients were saving time and money, and experiencing a rapid, professional and supportive service.

Dedicated to serving and supplying professionals.

As the business grew, so did the community of Psychologists wanting to register with Psychology Direct. Now over 1,000 psychologists strong, Psychology Direct has earnt respect as a trusted leader in the field, supplying dedicated professionals across a broad range of cases, nationwide. We are committed to supporting and developing the professions we work with in a values-based way, including offering support and development opportunities to our associates, with consultative services on best practice and guidance around the wider psychology context, ensuring that our work more widely is completed in a reflective and ethical manner.

The Psychology Direct team continues to grow too, with more skilled Client Managers liaising with clients and Psychologists, matching skills, managing administration and offering a highly personal service as well as professional support and advice.

Our focus for the future is to do even more for people, through remaining absolutely committed to our values. To build a stimulating, supportive and productive community of Psychologists where our Associates can learn from each other. And to continue to harness our dedication to this sector, driving up standards and making a difference.

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Psychiatry Direct

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Did you know that we also offer Psychiatric services?

Our fully vetted Psychiatrists are qualified and Section 12 approved to provide detailed, medically-based analysis and assessment of a person’s state of mind or mental health.

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