Case study

Delivering a Court report within days

When problems arose during a Fitness to plead assessment, we stepped in to provide a new psychologist, assessment and report all within the deadline set by the court.


During a Fitness to plead assessment, a lack of response to questions by the client threatened to cause delays and issues for the trial as the report would not be deemed sufficient. Realising the implications of the incomplete report, our client asked for help securing a new assessment and report within the court’s tight timescale.


With time being of the essence we needed to act immediately. First, we needed to understand the problem, and our client manager Lewis took the initiative to speak with the previous psychologist for their view on the client’s lack of responsiveness. Armed with this information, Lewis used his detailed knowledge of our network of Psychologists to present a choice of Expert Witnesses within an incredible 24 hours. The Expert Witness put forward would not only succeed in engaging and fully assessing the client, but in turning their report around by the deadline. Lewis then provided further support through handling the booking of the assessment and all liaison and administration.


With the new psychologist in place, the client became more responsive and the second Fitness to plead assessment yielded more conclusive, reportable outcomes. Our Expert Witness provided an outstanding service in completing and submitting the report within days, accompanied by our quality checks to ensure the highest standards.


Following submission of the report, two further new enquiries were made by the same firm in the space of 24 hours, demonstrating just how highly they regarded and valued our service.