Case study

Complex logistics in a Family Law case


Contacted by a solicitor at a specialist family law firm, our Client Manager was briefed on an immensely challenging case. Assessment was needed of large dysfunctional family where domestic violence was a factor and a lack of co-operation from key family members further complicated the case. Additional challenges came from the logistics of assessing individuals in different geographical areas, and uncertainty over funding. All this, and with vulnerable children waiting in care with their future uncertain, made this a case with serious and far-reaching implications.


Our Client Manager in the Expert Witness team professionally and empathetically took all the details for the case from the solicitor. Under time pressure, an appropriately experienced and located Psychologist had to be secured and complex timetable of assessment appointments of eight individuals made, against a background of questions over funding, which was eventually agreed.

Daniel, our Client Manager, had to perform rigorous research to establish exactly what questions needed to be addressed by the expert, which family members needed to be assessed and where they were based. He then compiled and managed the assessment timetable, adjusting as necessary, keeping all parties informed, handling all administration and paperwork and ensuring the final report was delivered on time, quality-checked and the expert made available for a court appearance.


Despite all the challenges, the assessments were completed, and report turned around and submitted when needed to a high quality. The outcome of the expert assessment saw the children returning home on a supervision order.


The client was delighted with our handling of the case. They noted the efficient process, quick turnaround achieved, and quality and comprehensive nature of the report provided by our expert. Since then they have regularly sought our help in securing high quality psychological or psychiatric expert reports which demonstrates their trust in our service.