Case study

Expert Witness for a criminal case

A challenging case requiring highly specialist Expert Witness testimony, delivered against moving parameters, and tight timescales.


A solicitor approached us to help with a particularly challenging case. While criminal cases are rarely straightforward, this one had some very specific issues. The nature of the case meant needing very niche expertise, which would be difficult to secure. The report had to be completed in a shorter than average time scale – three to four weeks. We also had to handle the logistics of the defendant moving prisons but with timings, locations and availability of legal time slots unknown.


After taking the brief, the knowledgeable Client Manager on our Expert Witness team knew exactly who to contact in our network for the niche expertise required. However, with only two Expert Witnesses available in this specialism, significant effort, calls and support were needed to ensure one of them was able to take on the case. Contact was made with the Psychiatrist not within 24 hours as is standard, but within one hour, due to the urgency. Once the Expert Witness was secured, we set up the assessment dates, times and locations to ensure the report was delivered on time including provisional dates at the prison given the uncertainty. The challenge didn’t end there, as the defendant did in fact move prisons and to a further away location, requiring a significant amount of liaison between us, the Expert and the solicitor to get the assessment organised.


The quality of our Expert Witnesses and the strength of our relationship with them was demonstrated, as our Expert Witness showed immense flexibility. They were willing to travel to a new, less convenient location, offered new assessment dates, and yet remained committed to delivering a high quality report in the original timescale. Pulling together as a team, we all did what was necessary to support our client.

The solicitor was able to submit the report to the court despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges faced in the process, and this meant the defendant received the representation they should.


Our client was overwhelmed by our proactivity and efficient service, as well as the flexibility and professional nature of the Psychiatrist we provided.