Case study

24hr turnaround for the CPS


At Psychology Direct we are accustomed to working and delivering to tight timescales. However, this case required us to go the extra mile to meet an extraordinarily quick turnaround on a court ordered report. It had to be completed and submitted within one week.


Our Client Managers have in depth knowledge of the Expert Witnesses in our network. So the first step was to make contact with a professional known for their flexibility and track record in turning high quality reports around fast. There was no time to fire off emails or wait for responses. We needed a proactive, personal approach, and within 20 minutes of the solicitor’s enquiry, we had an Expert Witness in place.

Following this it was all systems go, as we secured a date from the expert for assessment, so they could file on time for court. We even arranged the appointment directly with the defence solicitor to save time rather than having to wait for the CPS to liaise with the defence.


The assessment and report were completed within 24 hours. This was an incredible achievement, and down to the fast work of our client manager and the breadth of our network, among which we know we have Expert Witnesses skilled and willing to take on fast turnaround cases.

The trial was able to go ahead without costly and inconvenient delays.


The Case Manager was amazed at our efficiency and ability, to not only meet, but exceed their challenging deadline. In recognition of our reliable and efficient service, we have since been sent other requests from this client.