Case study

Flexibility is key to cluster of schools

The Vice Principal/Lead SENCO for this cluster of five schools needed EP support for a challenging volume of assessments. Thanks to our large EP network, we were able to deliver.


With a national shortage of EPs, and demands for assessments fluctuating year on year, meeting EHCP deadlines can be a challenge for any school. Incorporating a cluster of schools and a high volume of assessments needing to be delivered throughout the year, the Trust wanted to ensure they had access to ongoing, reliable, high quality EP support, and contacted us for help.


Given the volume – 30 assessments over the 2018/9 academic year – securing EPs with the capacity to deliver was crucial. But matching the skills, experience and geographical location of the EPs was also important for a long term and strong relationship between the school, SENCO and EP to become established. Not only that, but our expert Educational Team needed to establish the resources needed to deliver, and set up a reliable, efficient and clear booking and liaison system that would suit all parties and ensure the best service for the school and the children and families involved.


After assessing the requirements, two Educational Psychologists were secured very quickly, within days, to start providing comprehensive assessments immediately and on an ongoing basis for the Trust.

A booking and fulfilment system was devised and managed by our Head of Education, to ensure assessments were booked, reports proofread, filed and returned promptly and a liaison system put in place including regular review meetings. We also added value through offering other SEN support services such as training.

Through our efficiency, the Trust met their deadlines with all assessments and reports carried out to EHCP deadlines. Children with SEN had access to enhanced specialist guidance and support with their transition through the school.


The client was delighted and grateful for the support and reliability we provided. As a result, we secured a long-term contract with the Trust, which is testament to the exceptional quality of our EP provision and client service.