What do clients want from a Psychologist’s CV?

At Psychology Direct we work with hundreds of Psychologists and clients across the country and all different specialties, so we get to see a huge variety of CVs as well as gaining in depth knowledge as to what clients are looking for when they receive the CV of an Independent Psychologist.

In fact, different types of client are looking for different things and many of our Associates have slightly different CVs that are tailored to different aspects of the work that they do. This can work very effectively as many of our Associates have a huge range of skills, training and experience and this can make their CVs very long and complicated.  It is important to remember that clients such as Solicitors, Case Managers, Schools or Insurers are all busy people and it is important that they are able to glean the information that they are looking for from your CV quickly.  We are not suggesting dumbing down your CV, just that it is a good idea to highlight the information that is relevant for each client group.  For example, if a Psychologist has additional training and experience in a specialist field such as Neuropsychology and they are looking to develop work in that area, then it makes sense to put this information at the top of the CV rather than at the end of a long list of qualifications and work experience.

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