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Best format for Psychology Medico Legal report

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Best format for Psychology Medico Legal report

It may seem like a small point, but making your report easy to read, digest and annotate can sometimes make a big difference to how it is perceived.  In fact, we have heard of feedback from Barristers and Judges where a report has been presented in a manner that made it difficult to follow and also to refer to in court.

We would therefore make the following simple suggestions as to how best to format your report:

  • All pages within the medico legal report should have a header containing your name & professional title as well as the details of the claimant/defendant the report is concerning and the instructing party(ies)
  • Each page of the medico legal report should also be numbered in the footer e.g. Page 1 of 10
  • There should be a contents page at the beginning of the medico legal report covering the different sections within the report and appendicies. This page should also list page and/or paragraph numbers for the relevant sections.
  • Ideally each paragraph and page should be numbered to enable specific sections of the medico legal report to be easily referred to and located.
  • Each new section of the report should have a clear heading e.g. Summary of background to the case, My Opinion etc.
  • The medico legal report should be on single sided A4 paper in font size 12 or larger, with double spacing to allow for note taking.

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