Who regulates Case Managers?

As many Case Managers are members of a profession, such as Occupational Therapy, their conduct is ultimately regulated by the codes of conduct and best practice that are set out by the professional regulator for their primary profession.  In the case of Occupational Therapists this is the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), which sets standards for professionals’ education, training and practice.

Like many other professions, there are also a number of other organisations who provide professional standards for the professionals who work as Case Managers.  To use the case of Occupational Therapists again, the Royal College of Occupational Therapists set the professional and educational standards for the occupational therapy profession and represent the profession at national and international levels.  There is also an overarching organisation – The Case Management Society UK – which describes itself as being responsible for “the delivery of quality case management through standards of best practice while promoting the individual and collective development of case management “.

Finally, the Rehabilitation code (latest version published in 2015) was established by the Rehabilitation Working Party, comprising various professionals from the fields of Underwriting, Insurance, Lawyers, Care providers and the NHS.  Its aim is to promote early investigation of an injured person’s needs so that rehabilitation can be implemented swiftly so as to help ensure their recovery is as rapid and comprehensive as possible.

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