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Expert Witness

“I first used Psychology/Psychiatry Direct some years ago when I needed a Dr from outside our local area and my usual lines of enquiry were fruitless.  I have continued to PD thereafter due to the professional and excellent service I have received each time I have required assistance.  I have required a number of experts who have exact expertise and I have always been provided with choices of experts who meet my needs.

It is invaluable to defence solicitors to be able to work with agencies who appreciate the importance of the time frames we invariably work within. The quotes provided have always contained the information needed to apply for prior authority (which is the case in the vast majority of our work).  When information required from ourselves is missing, staff are always quick to make contact and obtain what is needed, so quotes can be provided swiftly.

I have to at this point to give special mention to Client manager Ellen Jessup-Dunton, who has on numerous occasions assisted me, going above and beyond what I would expect in helping me through the entire process of obtaining a report.

I would however extend my gratitude to all the staff I have dealt with, as each and everyone has always been extremely helpful.

I would not hesitate to recommend PD to those working within the criminal justice system.”

Paralegal - Albin and Co. solicitors

“A little while ago we celebrated PD turning ten years old, enjoying a series of events, including a team evening out at a vineyard. It was a great way to celebrate the successes of the business as a whole. If you are in our office you will often hear a mix of fun and healthy debate.”

Ellen - Client Manager

For Psychologists

I have been working for Psychology Direct for over a year now and they are invaluable in facilitating and arranging appointments, supporting locum Educational Psychologists with safeguarding issues, reviewing reports and in general helping to make the locum EP role more manageable. All staff are friendly, approachable, helpful and supportive.

Dr C H - Chartered Educational Psychologist

For Psychologists

I enjoy working for Psychology Direct because, as a self-employed EP, it takes a weight off my shoulders to have an efficient team of people setting up and coordinating my assessments. The team are so friendly and professional, and really quick to respond to any questions or requests. There is support from an experienced EP available. PD have given me regular work with flexible working patterns and I’m really glad I linked up with them!

M H - Chartered Psychologist and Registered Educational Psychologist

For Psychologists

I am pleased to offer this testimonial for Psychology Direct. My experience working with them has been consistently positive, owing to their exceptional service, timely updates, punctual payment practices, and dedicated support.  Their proactive communication ensures that both psychologists and clients remain well-informed and the reliable and prompt information and session booking practices, further exemplify their commitment to professionalism and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. I highly recommend Psychology Direct to fellow professionals seeking a platform that values their expertise and prioritizes client needs

Dr E F - Counselling Psychologist

For Psychologists

“I have been receiving work from Psychology Direct since 2016 and have been extremely impressed by their professionalism and efficiency throughout that time. They provide me with regular work, and are always available for updates with cases, and always on time with payment. The team are exceptionally friendly and have always gone the extra mile to give me the support needed to make everything flow. Their work is of the highest standard, and that only serves to motivate me to give of my best too. It’s just not possible to recommend them strongly enough. My practice has expanded very healthily because of my association with them. A wonderful company, an amazing team, I would be lost without them.”

Ms A. M. - Forensic Psychologist

“During my time at Psychology Direct I have enjoyed the warm and friendly work environment, even as the company has grown. My colleagues have always been supportive and subsequently there is a good team atmosphere, with everyone working towards the same goal of helping those in need of psychiatric or psychological assessments.”

Dan - Client Manager

For Psychologists

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Psychology Direct, as one of their associates, for over five years now. Psychology Direct is without doubt the most efficient, most supportive, stable and user-friendly service I have worked with since starting my private psychology consultancy in 2012. It is very clear from working with them that the service is led by people who have a solid understanding of psychology and psychological therapy. Their knowledge and client centred approach has been instrumental to the development of extremely good communication lines between my service and my clients, as well as with my clients’ multi-disciplinary teams and with Psychology Direct themselves. Having worked with a number of referral agencies, I can truthfully say that Psychology Direct stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to service delivery and communication. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who is looking to provide the best quality psychology services for their clients.”

Dr A. H. - Clinical Psychologist

For Psychologists

“As a Counselling Psychologist I feel that my relationship with Psychology Direct has a number of similarities to how I aspire to work with clients. I feel content, communication is sound, I feel that the kind of clients that are referred to me are suitable. The team at Psychology Direct are knowledgeable about the referrals and will always offer support in the case of any difficulties. It helps greatly to work with the same client manager with whom one has established a good rapport.”

Mr E. R. - Counselling Psychologist

For Psychologists

“I have worked with Psychology Direct for a number of years and have nothing but praise for the organisation. The staff have always been helpful, polite, cheerful, supportive and professional. I have found their help with organizing appointments, liaising with solicitors and ensuring that payments are received in a timely manner, to be invaluable. I think it unlikely that my business would have grown so much without their support.”

Dr A. C. - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

  • Wide network of qualified Psychologists available with experience in all specialisms across Psychology and Educational Psychology
  • All Psychologists are HCPC registered, have the enhanced DBS certificate and are on the DBS update service
  • Competitive rates
  • High-quality reports and recommendations produced quickly
  • Further ongoing expert Psychological support available as required
  • Client team dedicated to an empathetic, friendly, efficient and professional service
  • All administration handled by us
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