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“I decided to introduce private/independent work to my professional practice last year and signed up with Psychology Direct. Peter and the team made it very easy to join and patiently supported me through the sign up process.

Each and every piece of work they have passed my way has been thoroughly interesting, challenging, rewarding and I feel I have made a real difference in the lives of the families and CYP I have had the privilege to work with.

The Education Coordinators at PD are fantastic and make the job so much easier. They have a great understanding of our role and what we need to prepare and complete our work. They have provided me with fantastic support for every case, arranging every visit, providing background information/files and invaluable admin support for the reports I send through to them. I’ve also highly valued their regular feedback and positive comments after completing work for PD.

I would highly recommend PD to any fellow EPs looking to embark on a career path that includes independent/private practice”

Mr P.H. - Educational Psychologist

For Psychologists

“I have been carrying out work for Psychology Direct since 2015. They are highly efficient and provide me with the information I need so that I can carry out assessments which have been planned for me. The team understand my needs in terms of flexibility, travel etc and provide me with work which fits in with my schedule. I can fit work for Psychology Direct around other commitments and feel able to accept or decline work without issue. The team are friendly and approachable – there is always someone available if I need to contact them for any reason and they work hard to communicate with myself and clients in order to ensure everything runs smoothly”

Ms L.A. - Educational Psychologist

For Psychologists

“It is a pleasure to work with Psychology Direct. My experience has been that the client managers are always helpful and manage the relationship between the client and the treating clinician to the best of their ability. Payment is well organised and never been unnecessarily delayed.”

Dr K. B. - Chartered Clinical Psychologist

For Psychologists

“Psychology Direct and I have developed an excellent partnership after many years working and collaborating together. Your efficiency and approach to casework is thorough and rigorous. I can confidently recommend you as a business organisation.”

Dr R. B. - Educational Psychologist

For Psychologists

“I have worked with Psychology Direct for a number of years and would highly recommend their service. They provide a steady stream of interesting and varied cases relevant to my specialism and as a busy professional, their assistance when organising appointments is invaluable.”

Dr E. K. - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

For Psychologists

“I have been working as an Expert Witness in Child and Family matters with Psychology Direct now since 2014 and have found it a very positive experience. Psychology Direct staff offer an instruction, providing an estimate of fees and hours from the start. They get back quickly to confirm or otherwise, so that I know what availability I might have for enquiries from other solicitors.  Once the instruction is confirmed, they keep in touch sending papers and offer to arrange appointments and deal with any other enquiries. The staff are friendly and recognise that experts are busy. They are very approachable if any advice or support is needed.

I have worked for other agencies (I have been working as an expert since the late 90s) but have not had such a positive experience with them. Psychology Direct’s terms of payment are fair and they pay at the same time every month – so no need to spend valuable time chasing up payment. I would recommend Psychology Direct to any Expert Witness.”

Mrs S. G. - Counselling Psychologist

For Psychologists

“As a Psychology Direct Associate, I have been provided with a wide range of clinical work over the last five years. I have had a consistently positive experience working for Psychology Direct and would highly recommend them to my colleagues in independent practice.”

Dr C. B. - Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

  • Wide network of qualified Psychologists available with experience in all specialisms across Psychology and Educational Psychology
  • All Psychologists are HCPC registered, have the enhanced DBS certificate and are on the DBS update service
  • Competitive rates
  • High-quality reports and recommendations produced quickly
  • Further ongoing expert Psychological support available as required
  • Client team dedicated to an empathetic, friendly, efficient and professional service
  • All administration handled by us
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Our fully vetted Psychiatrists are qualified and Section 12 approved to provide detailed, medically-based analysis and assessment of a person’s state of mind or mental health.

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