Overcoming the Business Hurdles of Running a Private Practice as an Educational Psychologist or Expert Witness

Supporting UK Psychologists and Psychiatrists navigate the business world and ensure sustainable profitability

Running a private practice in the UK is both a rewarding and challenging endeavour. The inverted competitive landscape is causing substantial economic disruptions. Join our Annual Conference – an excellent opportunity for practitioners to explore collaborative opportunities.

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Navigating the Virtual Evolution

Unveiling Hidden Values and Challenges in Remote Psychological and Psychiatric Assessments

The rapid technological advancements have transformed the mental health industry, particularly in psychological and psychiatric assessments, offering enhanced accessibility, convenience, and cost efficiency. Remote assessments reveal hidden values such as real-time insights and international reach but also present challenges like technological limitations, data security, and maintaining virtual rapport. Psychology Direct addresses these by providing reliable, client-cantered remote assessments with transparent pricing, tailored solutions, and stringent data security, making us a trusted partner for mental health professionals in the digital age.

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Calling all Ed Psychs

As one of the UK’s leading providers of Independent Educational Psychology services to Schools, Colleges & Local Authorities across the UK our reputation for high quality, flexible and cost effective solutions is spreading fast! We have experienced rapid growth in the last few years and are now looking to expand…

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