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80% of schools lack funding for SEN support

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A new report from the Key has found that 80% of mainstream schools in England lack the proper funding to sufficiently support SEN pupils.

The report also states that 75% of schools have experienced waiting times beyond the maximum six weeks timetable for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan assessment, with school leaders stating that local authorities have cut services and this has had a negative outcome for SEN pupils.

When it came to teacher training, 88% of school leaders felt that the initial training teachers receive did not sufficiently equip them to support pupils with SEND.

The lack of funding and difficulties in supporting pupils with SEN and disabilities was seen across all levels of education, but it would appear that primary schools are being hit the hardest.  The delays with EHC plan assessments are also being felt the most in primary schools, with 79% saying they have pupils who have waited longer than the six weeks, versus 60% at secondary level.


The survey by the Key, which provides leadership and management services to schools, was based on the views of more than 1,100 school leaders. The questionnaire for this study was conducted online.