Educational Psychology services for Local Authorities

Many of our Educational Psychologists have a wealth of experience of working both within schools and also as part of Local Authorities, as they may have spent part of their careers as Local Authority Educational Psychologists.  In our experience this gives them a unique ability to work both as part of a Local Authority, but also have the ability to offer a flexible alternative to employed EPs.

We have been commissioned by numerous Local Authority Educational Psychology Services to provide additional support in areas such as:

  • Help with Education, Health & Care (EHC) plan transitions
  • Top up Educational Psychology assessments to meet statutory timetable deadlines
  • Interim Educational Psychologists in periods of staff absence  
  • Bring in specialist skills such as Autistic Spectrum (ASD) Assessments
  • Behavioural intervention & training

Our aim is to develop a strong relationship between the Educational psychologist, Local Authority, School, teachers, parents and pupils so that services are delivered seamlessly based on mutual trust and co-operation. Educational Psychology services can be commissioned on either an ad hoc basis or, if your department needs regular input, through flexible contractual arrangements which can start from as little as one day per month.

All of our Educational Psychologists are registered with their appropriate governing bodies and offer a flexible service tailored to your needs.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation including a breakdown of costs, confirmed timescales and Educational Psychologist’s CVs.

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