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How to find a Psychology Expert Witness

Finding and choosing the right Psychology Expert Witness for your client’s assessment or treatment can be a very difficult business and is crucial to obtaining an Expert Witness report that best serves your client’s case.

When looking for an Expert Psychologist is it important to ensure that they are suitably qualified and experienced to undertake the task in question and that they can deliver against any report deadlines that may have been dictated by the Court.

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Criteria for instructing a Psychology Expert Witness

Criteria for instructing a Psychology Expert Witness The primary criteria when selecting the most suitable professional to undertake an Expert Witness report should always be their experience and qualifications.  Examples of criteria for validating the competence of a Psychology Expert may include: Relevant graduate and post-graduate qualifications specific to the…

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What Expert Witnesses need from solicitors

What Expert Witnesses need from solicitors When a solicitor first contacts an Expert Witness to see if they are able to assist with preparing a report for their client it is important to give the Expert as much information as possible to enable them to make a valued judgement.  Some…

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