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Expert Witness Resources

Psychologists as Expert Witnesses in the Family Courts

Following the introduction of agreed minimum standards for experts reporting in Children’s proceedings in the Family Court, the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Family Justice Council (FJC) last month issued a proposal for standards specifically focused on Psychologists. The guidance is designed to provide discipline specific information in relation to regulation, codes of conduct, competencies, supervision/peer review and quality of service, and should be used alongside existing protocol

Although only a proposal at this stage, the majority of the standards are in keeping with our registration criteria and are considered by Psychology Direct as a positive approach to ensuring standards in the Family Courts remain high and that only top quality evidence is presented.

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The Role of Psychologists as Expert Witnesses in Family Proceedings

The role of Psychologists as Expert Witnesses in Family Proceedings An expert Psychologist may be instructed in the Family Courts when their expertise is necessary to make decisions in the case A Psychologist can provide individual and collective psychological profiles of different family members They can undertake comprehensive assessments that…

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Regulation & Codes of Conduct for Psychologists

Regulation & Codes of Conduct for Psychologists Instructed Psychologists should be registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC) or the British Psychological Society (BPS) and use their protected title If an expert is instructed who is not subject to UK professional standards or regulation should meet the criteria…

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Competency of Psychologists as Expert Witnesses

Competency of Psychologists as Expert Witnesses Practitioner Psychologists must maintain current HCPC registration which requires professionals to demonstrate professional training, competence and continuing professional development (CPD) in their field of expertise Academic Psychologists should be/or be eligible to be Chartered Members of the BPS based on their research expertise in…

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Supervision & quality of service

Supervision & quality of service Supervision/Peer Review The Codes of Conduct for both the BPS and HCPC state that it is best practice for Psychologists to engage in regular supervision and/or peer review in relation to all aspects of professional activities. It is the responsibility of the Psychologist to arrange…

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Unfortunately not, we only work business to business, through solicitors, local authorities, CPS, case management companies and schools. If you are a private individual looking for a psychologist please speak with your solicitor, school, GP or insurer.

If you wish to locate a Psychologist yourself then visit the British Psychological Society’s website at https://www.bps.org.uk/

Absolutely not! Our service is based on providing excellent value – and added value.

Not only will we secure you an appropriately qualified and experienced Psychologist for your case without all the time and hassle of searching for one yourself, but we’ll handle all administration, bookings and ensure you get the report on time plus you’ll have a dedicated client manager at your beck and call too.

So you get competitive prices and all our extra support at no extra cost, meaning you save yourself time and money.

This is often an area of confusion. Understanding the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist can be crucial to securing the right professional for your case.

Psychologists are trained in human and emotional development. They use their extensive knowledge of human emotions, behaviour and mental health to assess the problems being experienced by their clients. Based on their expert assessment; conclusions, recommendations and treatment plans will be presented in a report as required. Psychologists use a range of assessment techniques including psychometric testing as well as varied therapeutic models in order to understand and improve the mental health and psychological well-being of clients.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors and as such are qualified to prescribe medication (such as anti-depressants) or in more extreme cases recommend hospitalisation, to help assess and manage the symptoms being experienced by the person concerned.

In some cases, it may not be immediately clear whether a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist is required. A complex case may even require both. Our extensive register of professionals includes both Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and our knowledgeable client team are on hand to give you the advice you need and supply the right type of professional. If you have any questions at all, just give us a call.

Yes. We are fully aware and understanding of our clients’ budgets, so all our Psychologists work to Legal Aid rates.

We can also supply CVs and quotes for 3 Experts with the full breakdown of hours, as required by the Legal Aid Agency.

First of all, contact us! You can call us on 01306 879 975. You can request a call back. You can email us or use our contact form. Once we have your initial contact request, we’ll respond within an hour. One of our Client Managers will take a brief of your requirements, and get to work straight away, using their knowledge of our network of Psychologists and Psychiatrists to get you 3 CVs and quotes within 24 hours. Once an Expert Witness is instructed, bookings for assessments and all other administration required for the case will be managed by us and we will ensure that the report is delivered within your required timescales.